Cognota: This site explores how AI can eliminate guesswork in creating learning experiences, allowing instructional designers to focus on creating exceptional instruction tailored to various levels of knowledge and learning styles.
ER.educause: Offers 10 ways AI is transforming instructional design, highlighting the versatility of AI tools in personalizing learning experiences to meet individual student needs.
Digital Learning Institute: Discusses the impact of AI on instructional design, emphasizing the role of AI in personalizing learning at scale and analyzing learner data to create effective educational journeys.
Griffl: Explores the future of instructional design and AI, tracing the historical development of instructional design and the transformative impact of AI and machine learning.
Neovation: Focuses on practical AI tools for instructional design workflows, showcasing how various AI tools are revolutionizing course and eLearning visual design.
University of Cincinnati Online: Highlights how instructional designers can use AI tools to enhance their workflow and the creation of educational experiences, improving productivity and the quality of output.
DataCamp: For a structured learning path in AI, including mathematical concepts, Python programming, machine learning algorithms, and specialization areas like natural language processing and deep learning, visit DataCamp.
DeepLearning.AI: Offers a variety of AI courses and specializations to build foundational machine learning and AI skills. It also provides access to a vast community of AI enthusiasts and resources for career development in AI. Check out DeepLearning.AI for more information.
Google Labs: Showcases experimental tools and technologies that utilize AI to enhance productivity and creativity. For exploring generative AI tools in Google Workspace and more, visit Google Labs.
OpenAI: Shares insights and research on their groundbreaking AI projects and the ethical implications of AI development. For those interested in cutting-edge applications and ethical considerations of AI, including projects like teaching robots to solve Rubik's cube with reinforcement learning, visit OpenAI’s blog and research papers.

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