Anne-Marie Fiore named Top 100 Most Social K-12 Tech Leaders on Twitter 2015 by the Huffington Post

Anne-Marie Fiore, Executive Director of Technology and Information for the Chelmsford Public Schools was named 1 of 100 Top Social K-12 Tech Leaders by the Huffington Post. The Huffington Post states, “The stakes for educating our youth have never been higher. The next generation of citizens must be prepared for an ever-changing world, and a workplace where creativity, insight and collaborative skills are especially highly-valued”.

In order to recognize the significance of social media in K-12 education, the Huffington Post created the first edition of the Top Social Tech Leaders in K-12 education. According to their website, the ranking is determined by a combination of factors including number of followers, Twitter list memberships, tweet volume and content and other metrics as tallied by several social influence scoring providers.

Fiore said: “The ways in which some of our faculty are using Twitter is outstanding — I am impressed daily with the amount of information and conversations I see from the Chelmsford Public Schools.”

In order for social media to be effective in today’s schools, it is important for educators and administrators to be not only familiar with it but skilled at it as well. Being a respectful digital citizen, avoiding cyber bullying, and practicing Internet safety are concepts best learned by doing.