In the Loop returning to WCTV

WILMINGTON — Wilmington Community Television is partnering with the School Department to bring fresh and improved content to its audience in the coming months.

Anne-Marie Fiore, Wilmington Public Schools director of technology, is thrilled to get started on these projects.

“We’re resurrecting a show that they had called ‘In the Loop,'” Fiore said. “It was a district show highlighting the various achievements of students and staff in the district and also highlighting any programs and initiatives going on.”

WCTV Executive Director Shaun Neville said the School Department has been a longtime partner with WCTV. “‘In the Loop’ has been around for a while,” he said, “but not so much recently.” When he took over WCTV a year ago, he said it was one of his favorite shows on the schedule.

“It’s highlighting something that parents are interested in, kids are interested in, and obviously, the teachers are interested in,” Neville said. “So, anything we can do with the school system is a big win for us, and I’m hoping that as a promotional tool for the school system, it’s a win for them as well.”

Fiore said the shows are anticipated to come out as early as November. Up to five or six shows will air over the course of the school year.

“The model here is that the School Department is the producer of the show,” Neville said. “They’re going to be the ones hosting it, they’re going to be the ones finding guests, and we’re here as technical advisers.

“The great thing about podcasting is that it’s free-flowing conversation and you can go however long you want to go,” Neville said.

Fiore said she will be working with the district’s elementary library and technology specialists to get started on the podcast.

Podcasts, however, will not just be limited to use by the School Department. Neville said other town departments, organizations and members of the community are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity. Neville said all the podcasts will be available at the iTunes store, and will be played on TV.

“We use free software, known as Audacity, to record the MP3, which will then, when it’s done, be uploaded to a hosting provider so that people can go to and connect to that and listen to the podcasts,” Dusenberry said.

Fiore only began working at the Waltham Street studio in Wilmington in August, but is eager to participate in town. She previously was the executive director of technology and information at Chelmsford Public Schools.

“Every school district should have a district show. I think using TV as a means of communication with the community is a good thing,” Fiore said. “I’m thrilled, I can’t wait.”

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