Instructional Design

Pearson Education

Senior Learning Experience Designer for Higher Education Courseware, Pearson Career Success and Pearson Academic Success: Product Link

Broward College

Instructional Designer at Broward College in Florida, USA

UNC Medical School

Project Manager and Lead Instructional Designer

Northwestern University

Learning Engineer

Uxbridge Public Schools

Web Designer

Instructional Aides and Course Documents

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Marketing_Course Map

In this course students master the basic principles and practices of modern marketing. The course offers a broad overview of the nature and fundamentals of marketing activity.

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An overview of fundamental aspects of the leading learning theories. Instructors use these theories to inform the decisions they make about their instructional practice.

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Intro to Ed Tech Course Map

This course is a theory and application course that introduces students to instructional design principles, traditional and emerging technologies, and software and how they are used in the teaching profession.