School Culture and Digital Learning

School Culture
School Culture

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Creating a Culture for Digital Learning

  • Identify a time where you felt empowered as a member of a team moving toward a common goal.
  • Create a list of characteristics of the team culture that supported this environment.
  • Once you have your list of characteristics, ask yourself or your team members the following questions:
  • Are these characteristics present in your school culture?
  • Do you feel your teachers would respond differently?
  • How do you know trust is evident in your building?
  • How do you build trust?

ACTIVITY: Build your own definition of school culture.

Examining Your School Culture, Below are some questions to ask your team.

  • How do I create an environment where dialogue and continuous improvement in instruction strengthen relationships and culture?
  • How does vision have an effect on school and classroom culture?
  • Are there changes needed based on your new understanding of culture?
Learner Centered Environment
Learner Centered Environment

“The school administrator’s support of a learner-centered environment is critical for teachers to fully meet the needs of each student; a culture that is not supportive can have devastating results.” -Mary Ann Wolf