According to a 2006 research conducted in the United Kingdom, once a user becomes aware of closed captions, their utility is universal. The following are just a handful of the advantages of subtitles:
Closed captions (CC) help viewers who speak English as a second language because they make it simpler to follow up with the speech.
CC aid in the understanding of speech delivered rapidly, with accents, muttering, or in the presence of background noise.
CC includes complete names, brand names, or technical jargon and clarifies the situation for the audience.
CC assist viewers with learning impairments, attention problems, or autism in maintaining focus, which may result in a more positive viewing experience.
Online videos with subtitles have a greater level of user engagement and provide a more positive user experience.
Captions enable users to see films in noisy settings such as offices and libraries.
Provision of Access Services. (2006). [Research Study]. OfCom Office of Communications.

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