Anne-Marie Fiore

— Learning Designer

I am passionate about learning design.

Always Learning.
I am always looking at ways to challenge and improve myself, which is why in my spare time I like to obtain new certifications, read blogs, and work on new projects.

Love of Work.
If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing try something new. Take a course, upskill, reskill, find a job or career that makes you happy. LIfe moves pretty fast…

There Are Three Responses To A Piece Of Design – Yes, No, And WOW! Wow Is The One To Aim For.

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1. Thought Leadership

Yes, normal people call this blogging. I have contributing to the “blogosphere” since 2012.

2. What am I up to?

Here are some curriculum and instructional design samples of my recent work.

3. So, this one time…

I met William Shatner. I am a long-time fan of Star Trek and Shatner.