MakerSpace with Dot and Dash

Dot and Dash
Dot and Dash

At Chelmsford High School, we will have a new collaborative studio space for creative endeavors called a Makerspace. A Makerspace provides tools and location in an environment where students can work on projects and get help from an expert and/or peers in order to use the materials. Makerspaces are often connected to fields such as engineering, computer science and graphic design. The Makerspace materials provided do not require a background in programming or robotics. We have two new robots called Dot and Dash that are controlled from five different apps installed on an iPad.  This is a fun and interesting way to learn about technology, computer programming and engineering. Executive Director of Technology and Information, Anne-Marie Fiore said: “A MakerSpace is a place where students gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects build. It is a place to have fun and be creative!”

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing additional materials into this informal combination of conference room, lab, and shop where students can innovate and learn through hands-on exploration. Makerspaces are on their way to the middle and elementary level, soon! Stay Tuned!

Author: Anne-Marie Fiore

Anne Marie is an instructional designer who works with educators to design, develop, and deliver instructional products and experiences. She knows that instructional designers wear many hats. They not only write objectives, create online courses, and develop assessments but also do video production, podcasting — even build websites.In addition to instructional designer, Anne Marie has worked as a curriculum specialist, assistant professor, and technology director. She was recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Social Media Tech Leader and recently won a “Grand Award for Learning Program Design” in the 32nd Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Anne Marie holds a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction from Northcentral University.In her spare time, Anne-Marie enjoys several hobbies; blogging, watching way too many true crime documentaries on the ID channel, and Star Trek. She lives in Hudson, New Hampshire, with her husband, Kenneth.