Add your reflection to your ePortfolio

If you already have an ePortfolio, you will add your reflection to that ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio is the place where you can capture all of your experiences including academics, co-curricular experiences, career, leadership, service, research, and everything in between. An ePortfolio helps you keep track of what you are learning along the way, and as you approach graduation can be transformed into a showcase of your experiences and skills as a professional.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to: 

  • Add and edit information in your ePortfolio;
  • Understand how to build and release your ePortfolio;
  • Understand reflection and be able to write about an experience using a framework as a guide;
  • Identify and understand skill areas and relate them to experiences.

Don’t have aN ePortfolio?

No problem, it takes only a few minutes to create, just follow this link to investigate 15 choices of free e-portfolios.

Plan to add the following “basics” to your ePortfolio before continuing with your Career showcase:

A professional-looking image of yourself

Change the banner at the top to relate to your major or career goals

Add a brief biography about yourself in the “About” section

Create a showcase titled “Career Showcase,” add an image to the contact card that represents your career exploration, and add one sentence that introduces the showcase to viewers. If you already have a Career showcase you can add this assignment to it.

Add your reflection and any supporting documents or other evidence to the Career showcase.

An ePortfolio is stronger when you have images, links, documents, and other types of evidence to support your story. Include one or more of these pieces of evidence in your showcase:

  • One or more pictures you took at the event
  • If you created a resume you can include it in the showcase
  • If you did research ahead of the event or other preparation, include that as well.

Your ePortfolio will have a more polished look when you embed documents, images, and other evidence using the HTML editor in the CN ePortfolio. To do this click on the words “Switch to HTML Text Editor” in the upper right corner of the editing area, a toolbar will appear with options for embedding files, images, media, and hyperlinks. If you need help, follow these instructions to add images and other media to your CN ePortfolio.

Ready to submit your assignment?

Copy the URL (web address) of your ePortfolio from your browser, and paste it into the submission box. If you decided to password protect your showcase, type the password into the “Comments” textbox so your instructor can use the password to view your ePortfolio for grading. Learn more about the privacy settings for your ePortfolio.