In Order for the Shift to Digital and Blended Learning to Happen in my School…

In order to shift to Blended and Digital Learning, what must:

  1. Administrators do?
  2. Teachers do?
  3. Students do?

Brainstorm some ideas with your staff using these questions. You can use a shared google doc or another technology such as padlet.

Roadmap to Digital and Blended Learning
Roadmap to Digital and Blended Learning

Setting a Vision: 

  • boost student achievement
  • provide access to out of reach courses and opportunities
  • improve a school system’s financial health
  • a combination of all three.

Roadmap to Digital and Blended Learning: Some questions for your consideration when creating your first roadmap. 

  1. What is the vision for blended learning in your school?
  2. How is blended learning defined for my school?
  3. What key goal(s) do you want to address with blended learning in your school?
  4. Who are the target audiences of your blended learning initiative? What are each group’s top issues, concerns, values?
  5. Will the initiative be schoolwide or targeted at specific grades and/or subject areas?
  6. What model do you think will work best for your school?
  7. What is your “elevator speech” to describe your vision of blended learning for a specific core group of stakeholders?
  8. What is your leadership “statement of purpose” for your blended learning transition?

Key Leadership Competencies Needed for the Shift to Digital and Blended Learning: What is a Digital and Blended Learning Leader?

  • Inspiration
  • Shared Vision
  • Purposeful Change
  • Digital Age Resources
  • Innovation
  • Learner-Centered
  • Student-Focused
  • Access
  • Learning Communities
  • Ethical Use
  • Model and Facilitate
  • Educational Research
  • Best Practices
  • Emerging Trends

Creating a Leadership Statement of Purpose

Example; School administrators will demonstrate support of digital learning by providing leadership to develop and implement high quality blended learning that enhances instruction and improves student learning.

Author: Anne-Marie Fiore

Anne Marie is an instructional designer who works with educators to design, develop, and deliver instructional products and experiences. She knows that instructional designers wear many hats. They not only write objectives, create online courses, and develop assessments but also do video production, podcasting — even build websites.In addition to instructional designer, Anne Marie has worked as a curriculum specialist, assistant professor, and technology director. She was recognized by the Huffington Post as a Top Social Media Tech Leader and recently won a “Grand Award for Learning Program Design” in the 32nd Annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Anne Marie holds a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction from Northcentral University.In her spare time, Anne-Marie enjoys several hobbies; blogging, watching way too many true crime documentaries on the ID channel, and Star Trek. She lives in Hudson, New Hampshire, with her husband, Kenneth.