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ID samples

e-Learning Courses

Radiography Recertification Continuing Education for UNC Medical School. This website is the prototype on my server that was used as a demo for faculty. The course “Communication” is live with a SCORM package. I developed the website, worked with SME to create the module content, designed the modules (video, audio, animation, images, and check your understandings) with a group of instructional designers and created the SCORM packages.

Instructional Aides

An introduction to Bloom’s Taxonomy and its use in designing course learning objectives and assessments.

An overview of fundamental aspects of the leading learning theories.  University instructors use these theories to inform the decisions they make about their teaching/instruction with the goal of making it more effective.

Course Document Samples

In this course students master the basic principles and practices of modern marketing. The course offers a broad overview of the nature and fundamentals of marketing activity. It provides an introduction to managing the marketing activities of an organization including marketing information systems and research, the marketing organizational system, and the marketing planning and control system. Topics include analysis of the global marketing environment of the firm, market research, customer and client analysis, target marketing and segmentation, product and service planning, pricing, communications, advertising and sales promotion, distribution management, and the development of marketing and sales strategies and plans. The use of marketing concepts and tools by nonprofit organizations is discussed.

This course provides a summary of the key concepts of managed care and its application in the U.S. Historical events, theoretical models, stakeholders, and organizations that are currently having an impact on managed care are examined.


Presentation for Curriculum Mapping Workshop: By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: Summarize the purposes of curriculum mapping, Explain the criteria for an effective curriculum map and Create a curriculum map.

The purpose for course development or redevelopment can be one, some, or all of the following: 1. Convert in-seat class lectures into online learning modules •2. Standardize courses uniform across a degree program •3. Standardize the layout of courses within the LMS •4. Include graded discussion boards and assignments across all courses •5. Add interactive learning elements to existing course materials

Presentation for online course development and design: Convert in-seat class lectures into online learning modules, Make the courses uniform across a degree program, Make the layout within the course uniform, Include graded discussion boards and assignments across all courses, Add interactive learning elements to existing course materials.


Course Workload Estimator Tracker

Audit tracker for CBE courses.

Whiteboard Animation

Law and Administration Course: History of Building Codes

Building codes have continued to evolve through Roman times, into England and Europe, and finally into America.  Through the periods of change, major catastrophes involving large scale property damage and high loss of life were the driving forces behind building code development.  Collapses from wind forces, snow loads, earthquakes, floods, and a variety of natural and man caused events forced the building codes to evolve.

Fear of Fire: Whiteboard Animation

Closed Captioning with Zoom

Why Viewers Who Are Not d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing Use Closed Captions and How We Can Apply Those Lessons To Teaching With ZOOM