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Can Technology Make Curriculum Cool?

Over the past few months, you may have heard some talk about Curriculum, Instruction and Technology (CIT) as one of the new specializations for the old Masters of Education (M.Ed.) degree.  Not surprising. Tech is cool. Curriculum is anything but.  Technology has been a part of the social fabric for about 20 years, or so. […]

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7 Tips for Making Technology Integration More Human

Recently, I was speaking with a technology integration specialist (TIS) whose position is new for her district.  Her goal is to make it the norm for “teachers to be able to request TIS services for 1:1 coaching with any device or app or curriculum activity”.  She  is working to make both herself and the purpose […]

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UDL Instructional Video

A short video for online professional development on Universal Design for Learning. The purpose of the video was the provide a quick review of the lesson and give a short assignment.

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Using Universal Design for Learning and Technology to Support the Whole Child

Using Universal Design for Learning and Technology to Support the Whole Child will explore key issues, brain-based research, and best practices for using technology and Universal Design for Learning to support whole-child development. This presentation will empower educators to use the tenets of UDL and the technology available to them in their schools to help […]