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Steps Needed For Putting Social Media For Authentic Learning Into Action.

In this post, we will explore several types of technology, including social media used for learning, blogs, and wikis. We need to remember that although blogs and wikis, in some cases, predated social media, they are considered a part of social media. When integrating social media to support authentic learning in the classroom or learning […]

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7 Tips for Making Technology Integration More Human

Recently, I was speaking with a technology integration specialist (TIS) whose position is new for her district.  Her goal is to make it the norm for “teachers to be able to request TIS services for 1:1 coaching with any device or app or curriculum activity”.  She  is working to make both herself and the purpose […]

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WPS Tech Talk with Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore and Dr. Matthew Beyranevand

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Selected to Present at the NSPRA 2017 National Seminar – Communicate, Collaborate, Connect!

I am thrilled to be selected to present at the NSPRA 2017 National Seminar – Communicate, Collaborate, Connect! My presentation is “Working with the Local Cable Television Station – A School District’s Perspective”. Below is a brief description Working with the local cable channels, school districts are reaching out not only to students and parents, […]