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The shift from traditional paper and pencil to next generation digital assessment

Assessment is a general term for a broad range of processes for testing, measuring, and evaluating performance. Standardized, alternative, and self-assessment methods are used for the purposes of replacement, diagnosis of performance, and provision of formative and summative evaluation. The National Educational Technology Plan (2017) states: “As technology gives us the capability to improve on […]

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4 Considerations When Planning for New Technology

When planning a technology project or initiative in a K-12 school environment, there are four pieces that need consideration for a successful outcome. Every project does not necessarily involve all four pieces, but certainly some of them. Those four pieces are the school network, educational software or web resources, hardware or equipment, and professional development […]

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Selected to Present at the NSPRA 2017 National Seminar – Communicate, Collaborate, Connect!

I am thrilled to be selected to present at the NSPRA 2017 National Seminar – Communicate, Collaborate, Connect! My presentation is “Working with the Local Cable Television Station – A School District’s Perspective”. Below is a brief description Working with the local cable channels, school districts are reaching out not only to students and parents, […]

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Standards Based Report Cards on Inside CPS