Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore

Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore is the Higher Education Curriculum and Instruction Specialist at Focus EduSolutions in Woburn, Massachusetts. She works in the online program management space. Anne-Marie develops course curricula according to higher education development standards, as well as evaluates and assists in the selection of quality learning resources for college and university degree programs. In addition, Anne-Marie is responsible for the design and production of interactive, online, self-paced, and blended courses.

Anne-Marie is an assistant professor and a subject matter expert. Her primary areas of expertise are curriculum theory and design, instructional technology, professional development, systemic change, and school leadership.

Anne-Marie was named 1 of 100 Top Social Tech Leaders by the Huffington Post. She led technology transformation in one of 100 top school districts in America recognized at the first National Connected Future-Ready Superintendents Summit at the White House. Also, she has was presented with the Extreme Exemplary School Award for implementing a 21st learning environment by stimulating 24×7 learning, facilitating individual instruction, and encouraging curricular growth.

Dr. Fiore’s academic research explores the role of network infrastructure on technology integration. She has also presented on a variety of topics including personalized learning, universal design for learning, social media in today’s school, and educating the whole child at several national academic conferences.

Dr. Anne-Marie Fiore can be reached at amfiore@gmail.com, on twitter @annemariefiore, and at http://www.annemariefiore.com

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